Dracula Dossier: Darkest Days

Session 23: De Vil in the Details


The following took place in Mid October to Late October, 2018.

Upon the return of Lance Jameson, the team learned he had spent two weeks in Texas, collecting his thoughts and reconnecting with ‘real life.’ However, his trip was not fruitless. He apparently had sought out a wise Mexican witch doctor and asked for help in the fight against evil. The witch doctor loaned him a rare rosary, purportedly once owned by a Spanish missionary who came with the conquistadors.

Whereas this was exciting news, Cardin Azanga informed Lance of everything he had missed while back in the United States, namely the contact they had made with Phillip Holmwood, Lord Godalming. They explained the situation was tense and involved his assistance for either turning over Hopkins or turning over the Dracula Dossier to him, and in turn, Edom, This was a very difficult choice to make. Of course, in the meantime, Godlaming put them in contact with an associate of his, Alfred Granger, who would act as the go-between for any negotiations between the two parties.

Cardin decided he would attempt to track the itinerary for Count De Vil, the alias that Dracula was using. To his surprise, he discovered that the Count was going to make two known appearances in the next week. First, an auction at Sotheby’s and second, a visit to Burdett’s Private Bankers, a banking institution that Dracula had used over 100 years ago. At this point the team decided they wanted to be at that auction to see what he was bidding on. After all, if the Count wanted it, they wanted it, as well.

The team sent out a note to Hopkins, hoping to set up a meet in order determine whether or not giving away the Dossier was a good move or a bad one. In the meantime, Cardin decided to remove a set of pages from the book so that if they did give it up, Edom would at least be missing a few pieces. When he considered putting some kind of tracking device in the book, he discovered it did not work, with the anomalous properties of the book extending to tracking. However, Greta Abbing did theorize that some kind of arcane tracking could, conceivably, work.

The team went through the clandestine process of meeting up with Godalming’s contact, Granger. After making a few phone calls, ,they were directed to a high end and exclusive restaurant 20 miles north of London, ‘The Old Fox Deceiv’d,’ or just ‘The Fox,’ to many of the patrons. There they met Alfred Granger who seemed friendly and determined to help but was at the mercy of Lord Godalming’s instructions. If they either gave up Hopkins or The Dossier to Godalming, it would open up some avenues. However, he did provide them with a text that he thought would help, the Vordenburg Diaries, which he said were a series of missives on vampire hunting. He wanted assurances they would use it safely.

Later they got the word that Hopkins was willing to meet at a park near Trafalgar Square and they would know Hopkins as they would be wearing a red carnation. When the team arrived, they saw a man reading a newspaper who fit the description. After making contact, he introduced himself as Jack Turk and immediately pulled out a phone, dialed someone, put it on speaker and put an earpiece in. It was clear that Turk was listening to the real Hopkins and was repeating what they said for the purposes of the conversation.

Through the conversation, the team suggested that if they traded the text, they would gain the help of an important asset. Turk relayed that Hopkins did not think such a book in the hands of Edom was a good idea but was trusting their judgment on the matter. The team left with no clearer idea than when they started, but for the time being they would hold onto the book as Cardin and Lance leaned towards keeping it but Greta was firmly holding to the idea of the trade.

Cardin did some research on what items were being auctioned off at Sotheby’s. He found that among some of the items were a typewriter once owned by Ian Flemming, letters from Andy Warhol, the journal of John Dee, an ancient Celtic cross and a Hungarian hunting rifle from the 1800’s. Clearly Dracula, as De Vil, had his sights on some of these items. Cardin contacted Anne Wellington and secured four tickets for the event. For better or for worse, they passed one along to Dr. Lucille Rutherford, the ‘Dracuologist.’

When the time came, they made their way to Sotheby’s. and Dr. Rutherford, a suspected functioning alcoholic, joined them, already deep into her drink. To their surprise, they fund that famed philanthropist, Richard Branson was in attendance. They were all taken aback when Count De Vil entered and noticed how he commanded the room and cast quite the presence over the entire affair. He sat alone in the back but was certainly noticed by everyone in the room.

When bidding began it seemed that he was interested in two items – the Celtic Cross and the journals of Dr. John Dee. He won them both as his charisma and his endless sums of money seemed to help in that process. Lance, by contrast, was able to win the Hungarian hunting rifle.

Cardin suspected something was amiss in the auction but could not place his finger on it. Greta decided that she was going to steal the journal before De Vil could get his hands on it so she engineered an excuse to get back into the room in order to pick up the rifle for Lance. When she snatched the journal, it was then that Anne Wellington showed she had been turned by bearing her fangs. Greta narrowly escaped, realizing the whole auction was a potential trap. As she made her way out of the hallway, she ran right into De Vil, who she mistakenly thought knew she had his journal. So quickly she pawned it off on the nearby Joan Templeman, wife of Richard Branson.

Greta and the rest of the team quickly made their escape as Wellington and some of her security team were pursuing them. Each went in different directions, with Cardin going to his motorcycle, Greta going into the streets of London and Lance taking the drunken Dr. Rutherford away from the auction house. When the Branson entourage was getting to their vehicle, Cardin drove by and stole Ms. Templeman’s purse, getting the journal of Dr. John Dee.

When Lance and Dr. Rutherford tried to blend in at a local nightclub, it was not long before Wellington and her security showed up. Lance caused a distraction and he and Rutherford made their way out the back door. They quickly hailed an Uber and were able to escape the scene but they knew that the minions of Dracula were not too far behind. The team all met up at a local church, with Greta in near hysterics over her ordeal and Dr. Rutherford having passed out.

The noose was slowly tightening.


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