Dracula Dossier: Darkest Days

Session 22: Ring of Truth


The following took place in mid October, 2018.

One of the first things Cardin Azanga and Greta Abbing did after dropping off Billie Hutter at her friend’s flat was take a brief rest. The toils of the past few days were catching up with them and with Lance Jameson investigating his own threads, they were short staffed. But they knew there was so much more to do. So they tracked down Donnie Curtis and went to his flat.

They noticed several police officers near hos place and waited for them to leave before approaching. They got in to see him and tried to determine whether he was an ally, in on the conspiracy or just a worthless lunatic. Upon first getting into his flat, they were not encouraged as they were surrounded by far fling conspiracy theories, endless pictures and maps of tenuous connections at best, and a strange obsession with something her called ‘The Quintaloop’ which was, apparently, a connection between the Queen of England and the late Colonel Harlan Sanders.

Despite his eccentricity, there was something about Curtis that seemed genuine and helpful. Certainly, he was rough around the edges but he seemed like he had a desire to help, especially when it came to getting to the bottom of his sister’s death. Greta and Cardin both suggested that Hawkwood was likely responsible for the deaths of his family. When Edom was brought up, Donnie seemed to recognize the name but was unclear on how they would have fit in. He suggested a variety of unhelpful avenues as they were too strange and far out for them but he also dropped the name of Sir Reginald Hillary, the noted professor of law, defender of civil liberties oversights and an individual whose office they shot up a few weeks prior.

Donnie agreed to use his extensive network and his knowledge of the deep state to help the team in any way he could. But they suggested he keep a low profile, leave his apartment and hole up somewhere safe for the time being. He agreed and they parted ways, with Donnie likely going to Cornwall to stay with some like-minded friends.

It was then that they turned their attention to Lord Godaming who was, currently, a wild card in their investigations. It could likely be that someone in his position could be linked closely to Edom or he could be someone fighting against them or, quite possibly, someone who was completely ignorant of everything involved. Either way, Cardin and Greta were determined to find out.

Greta and Cardin made their way to Ring, Lord Godalming’s estate. Knowing there would be a strong detachment of security guards and protection for the aristocrat, Cardin used his knowledge of old World War II era passages and architecture to get both of them through some secret tunnels and up into the estate, wanting to make a dramatic entrance.

Their plan, upon meeting with Lord Godalming, was to determine where he stood. They were reasonably certain that they could find out which side he was with, based upon his body language as well as he expressions. They were shocked that his lordship did not immediately throw them out or call his guards. Instead, he got a sense of what they were and immediately closed his office doors, telling them that this was a sealed room where prying eyes and ears could not come because despite his security detail, he felt he was a prisoner in his own home.

During the conversation, they explained to him that there was a massive conspiracy around them. There were forces that were darker than he could have imagined and whereas he seemed to agree with them, he was not as aware of the depths that they were. They explained his heritage as well as the existence of Dracula. They explained that there were paramilitary forces in the government, loyal to Dracula and Edom. They explained big and small details that they had experienced. They revealed a Satanic Cult, led by Dracula, several brides and Sir Allistair Piermont. And he seemed to believe most every word, surprising them with the fact that in his very basement, there was a coffin dedicated to Dracula and this was an occasional sanctuary for the monster. He half joked that he could arrange a meeting with the monster, if they so desired.

They declined.

Lord Godalming seemed truly interested in helping them. He had contacts in the government with his seat on the Defense Committee. He felt he had a lot to offer but he also admitted that for the time being, his hands were tied. As the individuals with whom he was dealing were putting a great deal of pressure on him, using his wife, son and niece, Tabatha Holmwood, as leverage. He knew that if he were caught working with them, they would all be in great danger.

Lord Godalming did propose a theory that might work. Edom forces had been pressuring him to root out and turn over the mysterious ‘Hopkins.’ Or, they were hoping he could use his resources to locate the Dracula Dossier. Godalming suspected that the agents knew of how he could do one or both and suggested that if they could turn over one of them to him, that he could then turn over to Edom, this might buy them some time or at least shore up his loyalty with Edom so if he was able to help, the blowback would not be on him or his family. Uncomfortable with the idea, the agents decided to ponder it and get back with him on that particular idea.

The fact that Lord Godalming needed assurances or assistants to work was not reassuring. The team was not sure they wanted to hand over the Dossier or burn Hopkins, both suggestions Godalming put forth, in order to form an alliance. Regardless, Godalmning did provide one interesting proposal: he knew who Dracula was as well as one of the aliases he was keeping – Count Jean Baptiste De Vil. He offered to create an introduction, but team stated they would get back with him on that.


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