Alfred Granger

A connected restauranteur


Alfred Granger is the owner and operator of the upscale restaurant, The Old Fox Deceiv’d’ or just ‘The Fox,’ to loving patrons.

Apparently, Granger is an old friend of Lord Godalming, as the two attended primary school together and now, in an effort to repay several favors, assists his friend in some of the more clandestine activities, including meeting with the agents to act as his Lordship’s mouthpiece.

In a low key meeting, Granger stated he would be happy to meet with the team, help facilitate some of their plans and act as a go-between with Godalming, but they had to make a choice on what to do about Godalming’s offer. However, as a sign of good faith, he loaned them a rare artifact, Baron Vordenburg’s journal, a handwritten treatise on vampire hunting.

Alfred Granger

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